Friday, December 8, 2017

13 Days Of Creepmas: Silent Night Deadly Night Toymaker

Killer Santa...Even On Futurama: Xmas Story

Killer Santa: Original Print Silent Night Deadly Night (13 Days Of Creepmas)

First chance to check out the brand new Shout Factory Silent Night, Deadly Night Blu-Ray!  Not playing the theatrical version tonight!

Killer Santa: Santa's Slay (13 Day Of Creepmas)

Killer Santa: AHS: Unholy Night! (13 Days Of Creepmas)

Killer Santa: Rare Exports (13 Day Of Creepmas)

Killer Santa: Tales....(13 days Of Creepmas)

Annual rite of passage that is ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE, in both incarnations

Killer Santa: Silent Night (2012) [13 Days Of Creepmas]

Killer Santa: Christmas Evil aka You Better Watch Out (13 Days Of Creepmas)